Happy 5-Year Anniversary to Us!

TraceAir reaches its first big company anniversary being an essential platform for grading contractors and home builders and helping on more than 250 job sites to date

TraceAir turns 5! Image: TraceAir

Our “5 in 5” key achievements at this milestone include:

  1. Launching a fully functional SaaS platform powered by drone data and machine learning which equips field workers with use-on-the-go tools and data previously available only for engineers at offices.
  2. Helping clients on more than 250 job sites.
  3. Raising investments from professional VC funds and industry representatives that helps the company growing and targeting the most painful industry problems.
  4. Joining the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), a US organization with more than 220,000 members in the home-building industry.
  5. Continuously releasing new products and features such as Haul Router and Pioneering tool developed together with Independent Construction.

New products and workflows:

  • Items automatically detected with AI & ML. Accelerate inspection workflows by enabling the autodetection of the paved roads square footage, number of stockpiles, various SWPPP items (uncovered stockpiles, broken wattles, unprotected inlets etc).
  • Remedial As-Builts with drone patches. No more dangerous and time-consuming field shots of the bottoms of removals, keyways, street undercuts, and subdrains! Get your composed lowest surface overnight with drone-data level of detail with no office work required.
  • Haul Router and Pioneering tool. Create the most efficient haul roads and know your accurate productivity rate based on machinery performance data and our algorithms
  • Site Balance prediction and total volumes moved calculator. Track dirt bulk/shrink coefficient real-time during grading for timely design and grading strategy adjustments, take remedial OX into account, predict your ultimate site balance precisely summarizing automatically all factors that matter.

Collaborative tools

  • Draw&Share. Bluebeam-like annotations over the project map to share fast exhibits via email;
  • Public and Private options to save Markups;
  • Share a markup via link feature;
  • Folder-based Markups storage. Structure and manipulate your markups the same way as you do with the files on your laptop: move between folders, duplicate, create a multi-nesting folder structure.

General UX/UI improvements

  1. Office App redesign
  • Office App UI was redesigned to be more flexible for new features and self-explanatory to increase adoption even more. Our current MAU/WAU = 60%, WAU/DAU = 50%.

Drones operations and drone data handling:

  • Automatic TIN-file export of the cleaned drone data. Best output to run fast topo checks of the drone data
  • Instant publishing for the pre-processed drone data (orthophotos and digital elevation models). Get more value out of the data collected and processed via different drone solutions by handling it in TraceAir field application
  • NAD83-to-WGS84 and assumed-to-WGS84 coordinate converter. To support and ease DJI RTK operations

TraceAir is construction management software powered by drone data and AI that provides the best planning and sequencing decisions for builders.

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