Deep Dive: Haul Router, a New Drone-Powered Tool on TraceAir Platform

Exciting times — we have just launched Haul Router, a brand new tool on our platform! Created together with our partners from Independent Construction, this tool is the foremen’s new best friend helping make data-driven decisions with regard to new or existing haul roads.

TraceAir’s Haul Router, a New Drone-Powered Tool on TraceAir’s Platform
Image: TraceAir
A traditional approach to measurements on the site. Image: TraceAir
  • TraceAir will generate a haul road. Each color segment shows a different slope.
  • To model an existing haul road, adjust the segments of the generated haul road to match real conditions.
  • To modify the haul road drag and drop the points to the desired locations.
  • Design the optimal haul road while balancing cut & fill and find the fastest route on the existing terrain. The tool would suggest the safest option and highlight risky road segments.
  • Use the Pioneering feature to design the quickest and safest temporary shortcuts for haul roads, quantify the cut & fill during the process, and save personnel’s time on site: 15 minutes in the trailer as opposed to hours in the field.

TraceAir is construction management software powered by drone data and AI that provides the best planning and sequencing decisions for builders.

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