Customer Story: Tracking Contaminated Soil Quantities

TraceAir’s web-based platform, accurate measurement tools, and high-resolution aerial images allow teams to easily measure and track material quantities on their projects.

TraceAir’s web-based platform makes it easy to measure and track material quantities.

Accurate Material Tracking and Billing Quantities on a Contaminated Site


Tracking movement and quantities of contaminated soil is difficult and inaccurate using old methods. Accuracy is essential for controlling costs and billing, as contaminated soils can cost as much as $138/ton to off-haul to appropriate waste sites.

The TraceAir Solution

This residential project site previously held a paint factory, which resulted in contaminated soils of various types across the site. Originally, consultants estimated there were approximately 200 cubic yards of contaminated soils, however the team has off-hauled 15,000 cubic yards to date. Tracking and labeling this material is essential for both compliance and cost reasons. This project contains multiple classes of contaminated soils that range in costs from $32/ton to $138/ton to off-haul. Any miscalculations can result in thousands of dollars of overpayment. Without TraceAir, the team would rely on hand drawn maps, manual tape measurements, and truck counts to estimate the quantities.

Using TraceAir’s Measure Stockpiles tool, the team was able to track, measure, and label materials on a weekly basis using high-resolution aerial images. In addition, TraceAir helped the client to achieve accurate cost estimates for off-hauling these contaminated soils. The client was easily able to back check contractor billing, which created true transparency between the owner and contractor.

“TraceAir has saved us money in reduced labor costs from measuring and logging contaminated soils. It also saved us time in the schedule by allowing us to better plan dirt removal and sequencing,” noted the Project Manager.

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TraceAir is construction management software powered by drone data and AI that provides the best planning and sequencing decisions for builders.

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