There’s no place like Siberia to develop best practices for winter drone flight operations.

TraceAir delivers site intelligence in extreme conditions

Winter poses unique challenges to our operations teams in any location, but TraceAir’s Russian operations teams endure some of the most difficult conditions: heavy winds, sub-zero temperatures, limited daylight, and unfavorable road conditions in places like the Arctic Circle, Siberia, and Far East Russia. It would seem that drone operations would cease during winter in these extreme locations, but TraceAir’s team is equipped to handle these challenges.

Extreme Cold and High Winds

Temperatures in Russia often drop to –40ºC. To combat the cold and icy conditions, we treat the wings of our drones with a de-icing agent similar to the method airlines use to allow…

TraceAir’s web-based platform, high-resolution topographical images, and easy-to-use tools allow project teams to easily communicate between stakeholders, promoting faster decision making.

Communication Across Multiple Stakeholders at Brookfield Properties’ Pier 70 Development


Communication between owners, contractors, city officials, land use attorneys, and other local agencies can be a difficult process when there are many stakeholders on a project team. Decision making requires a lot of coordination between several entities, which can result in hours spent in meetings and copious amounts of back-and-forth communication..

The TraceAir Solution

TraceAir helps project teams collaborate virtually to review construction progress, discuss issues, and develop creative solutions to challenges, then easily explain these highly technical concepts to a non-technical…

TraceAir’s web-based platform, accurate measurement tools, and high-resolution aerial images allow general contractors to verify billing quantities quickly and easily.

TraceAir’s web-based platform for site development intelligence

Billing Solutions on a Residential Site Development Led by General Contractor Plant Construction


Billing between grading contractors and general contractors is based on estimates and can often be inaccurate. It can take days to verify billing and correct any errors or discrepancies. Additionally, change orders for excavation design may not always reflect accurate quantities. Without TraceAir, determining these quantities requires help from engineers or technical knowledge of AutoCAD.

The TraceAir Solution

On a major housing development project, a Project Manager from the General Contractor, Plant Construction, received an invoice from his grading contractor for about 12,000 cubic yards following a design change order. …

TraceAir’s web-based platform, accurate measurement tools, and high-resolution aerial images allow teams to easily measure and track material quantities on their projects.

TraceAir’s web-based platform makes it easy to measure and track material quantities.

Accurate Material Tracking and Billing Quantities on a Contaminated Site


Tracking movement and quantities of contaminated soil is difficult and inaccurate using old methods. Accuracy is essential for controlling costs and billing, as contaminated soils can cost as much as $138/ton to off-haul to appropriate waste sites.

The TraceAir Solution

This residential project site previously held a paint factory, which resulted in contaminated soils of various types across the site. Originally, consultants estimated there were approximately 200 cubic yards of contaminated soils, however the team has off-hauled 15,000 cubic yards to date. Tracking and labeling this material is essential for both compliance and cost reasons. This project contains multiple classes of contaminated soils…

TraceAir reaches its first big company anniversary being an essential platform for grading contractors and home builders and helping on more than 250 job sites to date

TraceAir turns 5! Image: TraceAir

TraceAir, a construction site work automation platform powered by drone data, celebrates its 5-year anniversary with more than 250 successful job sites being deployed on across the US and Europe. Over the years, TraceAir has become a truly essential platform for grading contractors and home builders, helping them control quality and costs with a growing number of efficient automation solutions.

  1. Launching a fully functional SaaS platform powered by drone data and machine learning…

Exciting times — we have just launched Haul Router, a brand new tool on our platform! Created together with our partners from Independent Construction, this tool is the foremen’s new best friend helping make data-driven decisions with regard to new or existing haul roads.

TraceAir’s Haul Router, a New Drone-Powered Tool on TraceAir’s Platform


Moving dirt on a mass grading job can cost anywhere from $2.5 to $5 per cubic yard, depending on the haul road used. At the same time, converting original ground to the design grade can take a range of paths depending on sequencing, haul roads, etc. …

In the last post, we explained why field usage and easy-to-use software is so important in construction. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the key features of the TraceAir platform which our users love.

TraceAir platform’s view modes. Image: TraceAir

The variety of features available on the TraceAir platform truly empowers construction project teams to make timely and well-informed decisions and streamline daily workflows.

On the product side, TraceAir:

  • suggests effective grading strategies and best haul roads based on mathematical calculations;
  • prevents delays during the grading stage, thanks to the most accurate site balance predictions based on soil behavior tracking;
  • provides easy-to-use tools to check…

Over 35% of almost any construction project team’s time is spent on non-optimal activities — collecting data, resolving conflicts and dealing with mistakes. That creates project delays.

TraceAir platform delivers the most accurate data

Lack of data and easy-to-use software tools to make daily decisions often prevent construction teams from making the right moves on time.

According to our research, only 10% of project members have access to technical software. Others have to rely on their experience and intuition for major decisions. That creates rework.

How? For example, while balancing dirt on the construction site, even a minor error in the bulk/shrink coefficient estimate leads to shortages…

Hello, world! We are proud to introduce you to TraceAir — a turnkey solution for construction automation powered by drone data.

Construction management can be challenging.

According to a recent KPMG’s global survey, only 25% of construction executives believe the industry as a whole is delivering capital projects on time and within budget.

At TraceAir, we work on bringing automation into the construction industry to help companies control quality and costs.

How? Let us tell you a bit more about ourselves.


Closing the gap between human imagination and tangible reality is a bold ambition we’re committed to. We work to empower humanity with innovative automation software to turn construction plans into reality the most effective and efficient way. …


TraceAir is construction management software powered by drone data and AI that provides the best planning and sequencing decisions for builders.

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